Careers at The Overlander Mountain Lodge

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Careers at The Overlander Mountain Lodge

At Overlander Lodge, Jasper East Cabins and Northaven Retreat Center, we aim to be the best employer in the region. Because we provide boutique experiences for our guests, it is essential that our staff members be as distinctive and dedicated as we are.


In our family of business, you will find that everything we offer is designed to be personal. That includes creating space and opportunities for our staff to grow in experience and skill, while enjoying the richness of life in the heart of the Rockies. In part, our location is why many people wish to work here. Quiet and removed from the busy tourist sites, we are surrounded by lesser-known hikes and climbs, while being only 30 minutes’ drive from Miette Hot Springs.

Meanwhile, the nearby town of Hinton provides access to convenient shops and services, plus a network of Beaver Boardwalk trails and a mountain bike park. Here at the entrance to Jasper National Park, we are a family-owned, family-operated group of businesses, committed to both excellence and setting ourselves apart from the often-frenzied pace of larger resorts and hotels. We take the same approach to staffing as we do to everything else.

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