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What's the Difference Between a Chalet and a House?

When it comes to choosing a vacation home or a place to live, you may come across different terms such as chalet and house. While both offer a place to live or stay, there are a few key differences between the two that are worth exploring. Overlander Mountain Lodge is a mountain lodge located at the foot of Jasper National Park. We offer Canadian Rockies chalet rentals. Learn more below, and book today!

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Architecture and Design

One of the main differences between a chalet and a house lies in their architectural style and design. A chalet is typically associated with a traditional Swiss or Alpine design. It often features a sloping roof with wide eaves, large windows, and wooden or stone exteriors. Chalets are known for their cozy and rustic charm, and they are often built in mountainous or snowy regions. On the other hand, a house is a more general term that can encompass various architectural styles and designs.


Location and Setting

Chalets are commonly found in mountainous areas, ski resorts, or rural settings. These mountain chalets are often built in picturesque locations, surrounded by scenic views and natural beauty. Houses, on the other hand, can be found in a wide range of locations, from cities to suburbs to rural areas.


Use and Purpose

Chalets are often associated with vacation homes or holiday rentals. Chalets are designed to provide a cozy and comfortable space where people can relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. Houses, on the other hand, are used as primary residences or long-term living spaces.


Size and Amenities

Chalets tend to be smaller in size compared to houses. They are designed to be compact and efficient, often with open floor plans to maximize space. Houses, on the other hand, can come in various sizes, from small cottages to large mansions, with a wide range of rooms, amenities, and additional spaces such as garages and basements.


While both chalets and houses provide a place to live or stay, there are notable differences between the two. Overlander Mountain Lodge offers mountain chalet rentals you'll adore. Book with us today!

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