5 Ways to Have an Amazing Day in Jasper

  • September 23, 2014

2014-09-23 00:11:00

Hi. I'm Clint Griffiths, one of the owners of the Overlander Mountain Lodge, just outside of Jasper, Alberta. And today I wanted to share with you five things that I love to to do in the Jasper area. I've grown up here all my life, and I know the area very well, so I can give some insight. If you're just visiting for a short period of time, a couple things that you might find enjoyable.  Okay. One of my favorite things to do, and this one is specific if you're staying with us at the Overlander or the new place the Jasper's cabins, is to get up to the Miette Hot Springs for 9:00. You can do that because we're very close to the Miette Hot Springs. We're one of the closest properties. So what I'll do usually is wake up about 8:00 or a quarter after 8:00, have coffee, and then head up to the Hot Springs and then be one of the first people that gets there, so just as it opens. And the thing is, they change the water every night. A lot of the crowds from Jasper don't get up that early to be there. So there's been times when I've had the whole Hot Springs to myself. And to sit in the mountains in these amazing mineral waters, all by yourself, and have the whole facility to yourself-because later in the after noon it actually gets quite busy-so if you can get up there for that time it's just an amazing experience. You're so relaxed, and its one of my favorite things to do to start the day. Another thing I can highly recommend is checking out some of the mountain bike trails around Jasper. If you don't have your bike with you, you can rent one at Vicious Cycle. My friend Manabu, he owns that. He's another Jasper local, and he knows those trails inside and out. He's been riding them for years. And he can hook you up with a bike, and you can see some of the beautiful Jasper area by mountain bike. There's trails for all levels, so don't get worried that you won't be able to handle it. You have everything. If you really want the crazy stuff, you have that. And if you want the nice, calm mellow stuff, you have that as well.  Okay, another activity you might wanna try is heading up to Maligne Lake. It's quite a drive in that it's probably total about 45 minutes between Overlander and then the turn-off, and then another 30 minutes into the mountains. But the one thing to remember is that this isn't a normal drive. This is-you're going straight through the Jasper National Park past mountains, streams, rivers. There's a high likelihood you'll see animals. It's just breathtaking. So I would try not to focus on Maligne Lake as being the destination, but more of the whole experience. Just take your time and drive slow and enjoy this beautiful part of the world. You'll see once you get up closer into the Hot Springs, because it's just so remote; it's just so quite up there. The mountains are amazing, and then you actually get to this beautiful lake. And there's a tea house there. You can have coffee, or you can rent a canoe, or you can go on the boat that takes you to Spirit Island. So that's an awesome activity to do. One of the other ones which a lot of people don't think of is to do nothing and just enjoy staying at our hotel or our lodge. Sleep in. Just relax. We have lots of comfortable couches, a big patio. You can lay in the sun if the sun's out, or if its winter you can sit by the fireplace, have a glass of wine at 2:00 in the afternoon, take a nap, read a book, just enjoy doing nothing. You're on vacation. Our lives are so busy these days. You're always trying to do so much. Just taking a day to unwind and relax and not have to be anywhere. It's actually one of my favorite things to do is to have a day of no plans. And at the Overlander we can take care of you, so just enjoy it. And then you can have dinner in our restaurant and just enjoy being on vacation. Okay, the last activity I want to share with you today is a hike that I really like. It's called the Valley of the Five Lakes. It's one of my favorite hikes in Jasper, mostly because of the beauty of those lakes. There's five of them, obviously, and the unique thing is that each one is a different shade of blue. It's like some of it is almost like a turquoise. It just looks almost like the Caribbean or something. But you can hike around this trail and just get to see some of these beautiful lakes. The trail is probably-I guess depending, it's probably beginner to intermediate. There's a couple hills on it, but you can just take it slow. I've gone on there with my parents and they found it okay. It's not too difficult. You can get trail maps from the Jasper tourist office that will explain a little bit more about it. So, I hope that was helpful for a couple ideas on things you can do while staying in the Jasper area. Check out our website, We've got lodge rooms, hotel rooms, cabins, chalets, full-sized houses, and we've just built a new property. It's Jasper's only new property. And we've got little red roof cabins there with kitchens, four bedroom, three bedroom, two bedrooms, and one bedrooms. And we're really excited. We'd love to have you as our guest. We'd love to have you come stay with us and just enjoy this area as much as we do. So check out our website, And if you need anything at all, give us a call. We'd be happy to help. And I hope you have an awesome day and enjoy your stay with us in Jasper.



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