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Revel in Remote Outdoor Recreation at Brule Lake Sand Dunes

2012-09-04 16:12:00
Overlander guests seeking to experience a truly unique area of the Canadian Rockies should check out Brule Lake and its unique sand dune shores. Although it's not far from the Overlander, Brule Lake is an hour away from Jasper townsite, and around 45 minutes away from Hinton. It makes a great day trip for guests eager to explore the wilderness between the two towns.
Brule Lake Info
The lake is 10 km long and formed along the Athabasca River.[1] It has a unique sand dune ecosystem and marks the habitable northern limit for Douglas Fir trees.[2] In the early 1800s, it was the site of a Hudson's Bay Company trading post, but was abandoned within a few years.[1] Today it's a little know-recreation area that provides gorgeous views, challenging paths, and is one of the few areas where All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are permitted on public land.
Horse Back Riding, Outdoor Recreation, & All-Terrain Vehicles
The dunes are about 5 km in from the highway, accessible by foot by an unmaintained trail.[3] It's ideal for hiking, horseback riding, and all-terrain vehicles, but not for automobiles. Conditions in the area can vary drastically and visitors, regardless of whether they are walking, biking, or driving their ATV, need to be very careful. The location is extremely remote, and therefore there's little warning when the weather changes or even whether the dunes or lake will be accessible. Be prepared for rain in the spring and summer and snow in the fall and winter. The wind can also be fairly strong all year around.[4]
Park officials strongly recommend that visitors carry a GPS, in case they get lost, and a 2-way radio, since cellular coverage around Brûlé Lake can be very poor.[3] Because Brûlé Lake is so remote, frequent visitors and outdoor recreation enthusiasts suggest bringing along spare parts and the necessary tools to repair bikes or ATVs.[5] Repair shops are a long way away and getting back to the highway can be tough without a working vehicle.
Visitors need to check out the local laws about who can drive ATVs and be sure that their vehicle complies with all requirements. Alberta residents who want to put in some quality time on their ATVS on the Brûlé Lake sand dunes must be sure that their vehicles are registered to operate on public land. Temporary visitors are exempt from this rule so long as they stay in Alberta for fewer than 30 days and their ATV meets all licensing, insurance, and registration requirements in their home province or state.[4]
Visitors from the Overlander
While the Condo Association laws prevent visitors from leaving directly from the Overlander on their ATVs, there are nearby areas where visitors can park and unload their vehicles. For hikers though, the sand dunes are only about a 30-minute walk away.
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