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Hinton Mountain Biking - Growing into a mountain biking mecca for all levels

2013-06-28 21:52:00
In recent years, Hinton has made a name for itself in the mountain biking community. It's gorgeous mountain trails and bike park have made it a popular destination for Canadian and American bikers alike.
Hinton Mountain Biking Association
The Hinton Mountain Biking Association (HMBA) is a non-profit that maintains the bike park and the mountain biking trails around Hinton. Their website is also built to assist mountain bikers: it includes a detailed map of the mountain biking trails in Hinton, updates on trail conditions, and suggestions as to where bikers can buy, sell, and rent bikes in the Hinton area. HMBA's website is also a great place to stay informed about upcoming mountain biking events in Hinton. One of the most popular activities is the annual Beaver Bike fest held in Hinton.
Beaver Bike Fest
Put on by the HMBA at the Hinton Mountain bike park, the Beaver Bike Fest is in it's third year running. It's steadily growing in fame and has attracted big names like biking legend Brett Tippie and free ride champ Geoff Gulevich, who are the guests of honor at last year's fest. Events at the Beaver Bike Fest include the downhill race, pump track race, skill competition, snail race, dirt jam, and tap down. Afterwards, everyone stays and helps clean up after the day's activities. While the bike fest is great fun, Hinton's bike trails are also a big draw.
Mountain Biking Trails
Hinton offers plenty of trails in and around town, but there are extensive trail systems in the nearby mountains. Most of these mountain bike trails are mid-range and, although they can be accessed from different points, can all be reached from the trailhead close to Robb Road :
The Happy Creek Trail System is located on the South side of town and is accessible from town and Robb Road. It includes the Bighorn trail, the Just Get There Trail, the Slowcooker Trail, the Happy Creek Trail, Cleo's Trail, Halloween Trail, and Phill's Thriller Trail. This trail system offers particularly excellent and numerous viewpoints of the gorgeous scenery.
Jack's trail System is on the Southwest side of town is accessible from Robb Road closer to town and Bradwell Street off Highway 16. These trails form a loop that's completed by a gravel road. The trails include Charlie's Cycle Climb, Erin's Extreme Ending, Sherry's Soaking Swamp, Dan's Deadly Downhill, Christine's Cutline Cruise & Jenny's Jungle Jam.
Trail Conditions
Be sure to check the trail conditions on the Hinton Mountain Biking Association's website before you head out. If you're planning on making mountain biking the cornerstone of your trip to the area, it's important to consider that the trails are often muddy and un-bikeable in spring and the early summer.
Hinton Mountain Bike Park
Designed & built by British Columbia Mountain biking celeb Jay Hoots and a ragtag group of volunteers, the Hinton Mountain Bike Park offers a variety of courses and tracks for both experienced and learning mountain bikers:
- Skills area, with latter bridges, teeter totters and skinnies
- Pump track
- Jump park, which includes rows of jumps ascending in size
- Drop Zone, which is not huge, but an excellent way to learn. It offers three drops on the upper slow and four on the lower slope.
Mountain biking in Hinton is growing rapidly, but there are trails all around Jasper's surrounding areas and parks. If you're planning on biking on your vacation, just let us know when you check in at the Overlander. We'll help you plan your biking trips and recommend trails close by or in Hinton based on your skill level and how long you'd like to be on the trail.
For bike rentals and information please visit Hinton's awesome new bike shop Vicious Cycle

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