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Overlander Mountain Lodge born in 1963

on Thursday, 29 March 2012.

The Overlander Mountain Lodge began as a dream for Alexander Kennedy Miller and W.A. Walker. It wasn’t until 1962 when a company was formed, joined by 18 additional shareholders, that the two were able to make their dream become a reality.

Overlander Mountain Lodge, Jasper National Park Front Patio in 1963

The Overlander was founded in 1962 by Miller and Walker, two Edmontonians , who had long been enthusiastic about the Jasper area. Close friend and enthusiastic mountaineer, Dr. Max Stewart, a professor of political economy at Waterloo College, was the first summer manager. Chef Steve Lakusta planned to make Alberta Beef a specialty of the lodge dining room.

Road construction began in July of 1962, and by February 1963 construction was well under way. The lodge was completed and open for business in June of 1963.

The Lodge was “Named in honor of the Overlanders, the first “tourists” to travel this picturesque valley. In 1862 before the era of the railway, road, telegraph, mounted police or settlers; these hardy pioneers made their way by ox-cart, horse, canoe and raft through the Canadian Rockies to the Caribou gold fields, undaunted in their pursuit of gold.”

Upon opening, the Overlander Mountain Lodge offered 23 Log Cabins as well as the Main Lodge Rooms, thus being able to accommodate up to 150 people. They offered deluxe accommodations, a spacious dining room, a swimming pool and a riding stable all in an informal relaxed atmosphere.

Overlander Mountain Lodge, Jasper National Park Lounge from 1963

Since opening in 1963, the Overlander Mountain Lodge has gone through many changes. The ownership has changed hands several times. In 1985 the land was subdivided into a condo association, allowing for private residence among the resort. Today the lodge offers 41 units of accommodation. Although many changes have occurred some basic goals remain the same.

“Situated high above the Athabasca Valley and the entrance to Jasper National Park the Overlander offers you a breathtaking scenic holiday with all the comforts of a new modern hotel. Civilization is only a few minutes away if you wish to shop in nearby Hinton or Jasper, golf on a championship course or swim at Miette Hot Springs” (Quoted from 1963 Documentation)


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We were looking for a quiet relaxing getaway and the Overlander provided just that. The staff was very friendly and the view from the restaurant is enchanting.

- Christel Konanz

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